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We are Lenny and Lou. Welcome to our Lakehouse. Lou is a lover of all people and all things meat and cheese. Lenny (Amanda) loves all things home, outdoors and travel. Please read out story below. We are so excited to host you.

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Our Story

My name is Amanda and Lou is my pup. Lenny is a play on my middle name Lenore and that's how we came to Lenny and Lou's Lakehouse.


I work in the corporate world and reached a point of burn out. I realized I needed to adjust my focus and realign the way I live my life with my values - Creativity, Wellness, Deep Connection, Adventure/Wander and Altruism. I am happiest when surrounded by nature, and have always dreamed of living on the lake. I am always in search of a simpler way of life, connected with nature.


I  have a passion for travel and getting to know communities around the world. With a renewed perspective, in July 2021, I fell in love and purchased the Lakehouse and turned this house into a home. I have put my heart, soul, blood and tears into the entire renovations. Most of the renovations I did on my own or with the help of my wonderful dad when two hands were needed. 

The Lakehouse brings a welcomed sense of calm to my life and I am so excited to share it with others.  To balance my love for the lake and for travel, I plan to live here part time and rent it part time. 


I hope your stay is wonderful and you love my home as much as I do. Feel free to reach out to me if there is anything you need. I will do my best to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

Thank you so very much for choosing Lenny and Lou's and we hope to welcome you back soon.


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