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Power of a Pause - Chapter 03

The Power of a Pause – Chapter 3

*Originally written in October 2021 and modified as required.

I knew it was time to adjust my relationship with work.

My mindset has changed.

I am setting boundaries with work and vocalizing them.

I am evaluating what I want my role to evolve to and what can incorporate those values I

shared earlier. And as that changes, I vocalize the change.

We all have a different relationship with our “work”.

For some, work is just a job.

For some, work is their career.

For some, work pays their bills.

For some, work is their passion.

For some, work is where they find a purpose.

For some, work is a means to having more time / financial freedom for your purpose,

a stepping stone to their dream.

All of the above is ok. It’s actually super exciting to me that it can so many things for everyone.

How can you create a healthier relationship, prioritize wellness and focus on your values?

Not everyone will have the capacity to take an extended leave. For me, that time, at the time, all I had to do was keep my dog and plants alive – so I could. BUT either way – what made it possible – was leaning on my people. My parents, my family, my best friend.

Connect with those around you who can support.

Set your intention with that relationship you have with your work and help it guide you. Be very aware of it and focus on that. Don’t expect it to be anything more or less. Let that drive you.

Set your own boundaries. Boundaries are the best way to honor yourself.

These can be time boundaries, task boundaries, or otherwise. You decide.

If you are uneasy. Pause.

Become aware of what causes you stress and anxiety. If you are like

me - it is most often an unrealistic expectation you have of yourself. Be kinder to yourself.

That’s where it starts.

Set intentional time in your day for your well-being and to give time to things that align with

your values.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time - make the time. Stop scheduling 1 hour

meetings when 40 mins is enough. Take that 20 mins to go for a quick walk. Meditate. Chat

with a colleague who brings you calm. Research something that interests you, do your banking.

It’s the small things (like putting your toes in the water).

If you work in a world like mine where you spend many hours of your day in front of your computer, turn off your email notifications - I cannot describe the amount of time we waste in a day opening and closing emails - stop doing it. If it’s urgent they will call - and make that clear in your ground rules so you don’t have to worry - will they?

Set REALISTIC goals for what you can accomplish in a day.

You can't do it all, even all the things you want to do, so prioritize what you can do today.

My lesson from my Reno’s - I made a master list. Sometimes I broke it down into a task or two for the next day, or I didn’t make a task list at all. I woke up and did what was a priority or what “felt achievable” for that day.

I was honest with myself about whether or not a deadline was possible - we need to have that same honesty with our colleagues.

Lean on your resources – people and otherwise. If you can’t meet a deadline, if you are overwhelmed, if you are caught in a spiral - use your resources to figure

out another way. You are NOT alone. Ask for help, speak up, say no I cannot take that

on. Pause. Regroup.

Finally - go through your day with curiosity and intention. Set a goal for how you want to feel at the end of the day.

Chapter 04, Growth ... coming soon.

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